Bruk Ayele Asale (Rev. Ph.D.)

Academic Background:
  • Diploma in Library and Information Science
  • Bachelor of Theology
  • Masters of Theology
  • PhD in Biblical Studies


Ayalew Tessema (Rev. Ph.D.)

Vice President for Academic Program Operations
Academic Background:
  • Ph.D. in Systematic Theology


Tadesse Gemechu

Director, Resource Management Main Department
Academic Background:
  • BA in Business Management
  • MBA in Corporate Management
  • MA in Organizational Leadership


Amare Teklu

Dean, School of Music and Media
Academic Background:
  • Advance Diploma in Music (bass performance)
  • BA Degree in Leadership and Development Study
  • BA Degree in Music (bass performance)
  • MA Degree in Organizational Leadership


Sima Gudeta Abdissa

Dean, MY-MLC Bishoftu Campus
Academic Background:
  • BA in Accounting
  • MSC in Accounting & Finance


Gerba Abdissa

Dean, MYMLC Addis Ababa Campus
Academic Background:
  • BA in Management
  • Master’s in Business Administration


Ebisse Gudeta Abdissa

Dean, College of Theological Studies
Academic Background:
  • Diploma in Leadership
  • Bachelor’s in theology
  • Masters in Intercultural Theology
  • PhD in Practical Theology

Haragewen Abraham Kinde Ed.D

Vice President for International Relations
Academic Background:
  • B.S. Mathematics
  • M.A. Mathematics
  • Ed.D. Educational Leadership


Galunde Waketa

Director, Strategic Management and Institutional Development Main Department
Academic Background:
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography
  • Master of Arts in Development Studies