College of Theological Studies


At the turn of the 19th Century, Ethiopian Christians began proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the help of Lutheran and Presbyterian Missions in Ethiopia. From these joint efforts the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY) was instituted as a national Church in January 1959. A year after her establishment as a national Church, the EECMY made it her priority to establish a higher theological training institution to train leaders and ministers for her life and mission. In order to fulfill this aim, it was agreed to establish one Seminary which would begin to function as of October 1960. Since its establishment, the MYS has recorded continued growth to fulfill its objective of training leaders, ministers, and teachers for the various ministries of the EECMY, Churches in Ethiopia and beyond. The MYS has continued its effort of training people through the College of Theological Studies (CoTS) through educational programs of Master of Arts (MA) in Theology, regular and summer Bachelor of Theology (BTh), Theological Education by Extension (TEE), College of Distance Education (CoDE) and Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) program.


At the heart of the MYS-CoTS vision is its commitment to build up and shape the church’s intellectual profile for its faith, mission, and ministry. In order to practically achieve this vision, it strives to produce male and female theologians who are theologically, biblically, doctrinally, ecclesiastically, and contextually well informed, competent and committed to serve God, the church, and communities, within which they live, with diverse skills required for ministry.


As God’s mission to the world and His purpose for the World are revealed and carried out in the light of Judeo-Christian scriptures and traditions, the MYS College of Theological Studies (CoTS) is established for and aims at theologically constructed education drawn from and based on the scriptures. Its mission is serving the love and mission of God to the world which was manifested through the incarnation and redemptive works of His only Son, Jesus Christ. It strives to serve this mission by educating and guiding male and female students in leadership and ministry skills to participate in God’s mission and purpose for the world.


Objective of the MYS-CoTS is educating people in theological and biblical studies and producing theologically skilled and shaped leaders, ministers, and missionaries whose knowledge, life, and ministry could impact and transform the way people live in the world and bring it to what God intends it to be. As it is dedicated to intellectual interpretation and application of God’s mission to and purpose for the church and the world, it strives to form academically competent, theologically and doctrinally reliable, and spiritually committed male and female theologian leaders and ministers.

Core Values

Core values of the CoTS are the pursuit of distinctive:

  • Student, faculty, and institutional theological and devotional experience
  • Academic excellence through growing research and scholarly works
  • Cross-cultural character of Christian faith, mission and ministry
  • Christian moral, ethical and social values and wholeness of each human being

Degree Programs

Master of Arts (MA) in Theology program

The objective of the MA program is educating people at the Graduate level in theological study and forming theologically skilled leaders, ministers, and missionaries. As the program is dedicated to intellectual interpretation and application of God’s mission to and purpose for the church and the world, it strives to produce academically competent, theologically and doctrinally reliable and spiritually committed male and female leaders and ministers. In order to effectively implement this objective, it strives to deepen and advance the students’ theological knowledge through theological disciplines such as biblical, hermeneutical, practical, systematic, ethical, traditional, and contextual through Practical and Systematic Theology tracks.

Admission Standards

Admission requirements can be established from different forms of academic backgrounds and evidence.

Admission on common academic standard grounds

Primarily, all the candidates of this program shall be graduates of the Bachelor’s Degree of Theology from a recognized and accredited theological institution with 2.75 GPA or higher. Without this GPA and clearer recommendations of the sending church bodies, candidates cannot be registered for the entrance exam. All the MA candidates shall take an entrance exam, which aims at helping the students develop their written and spoken English language skills so that they may be reckoned as capable of reading, writing, and dialogic requirements of the MA level of study. The entrance exams shall be conducted in the month of August.

Admission on special conditions or on mature entry status

As the MA program strives to meet the ACTEA Standards, it admits some students in a Mature Entry Status following the ACTEA’s guidelines. Students considered in this condition are those whose Cumulative GPA Points of the previous level of study do not meet the minimum required GPA for MA candidacy, but who demonstrate maturity of age, rich experience of ministry and who bring a strong recommendation from their sending body. This kind of entry shall be offered only to those who have been serving in the church or church units and strongly recommended by their churches or units to upgrade their qualification; and reckoned to be faithful to return and serve the church. The candidates of this condition shall participate in all admission processes and fulfill all the above indicated admission criterion, except for the GPA criterion.


Registration is usually conducted at the beginning of each semester of the study year through the registrar office. It requires a signed agreement between the student, the registrar and CoTS office. For registration, students shall first complete the registration form as instructed by the registration office. Registration shall take place only for those completed payments of the given semester’s registration fee and tuition fee. Late registration results in penalty. One day late registration shall be fined 100 Birr and two days late registration shall be fined 150 Birr. A student who is late for more than two days without recognized accidental encounters cannot be registered. If such cases occur, then the case can be put to the MYS leadership.

BTh Study programs

The BTh Study programs contain the following Divisions and programs.

  • 4-Year Bachelor of Theology (BTh)
  • 4-Year Bachelor of Theology with a Concentration in Christian-Muslim Relations (CMR)
  • 4-Year Bachelor of Theology with concentration in Bible Translation and Mission (LBT)
  • 5-Year Summer BTh

All programs are comprised of three primary components:

  1. course work;
  2. supervised ministry; and
  3. a final research project called the BTh Paper.

These three basic components are intended to serve the purpose, priorities, and goals of the BTh program.

Bachelor of Theology Course Requirements

The BTh degree requires a minimum of 40 courses combining for 123 credit hours: 34 required courses, 6 electives, and 1 final research project called the BTh Paper. The BTh curriculum intends to ensure that all graduates are adequately trained to meet the diverse demands of Christian ministry. The extensive list of required courses promotes a well-rounded training. The shorter list of electives allows students some degree of academic concentration to supplement their more general training.

BTh-CMR Program

The BTh-CMR Program is a two-year specialization in the area of Christian-Muslim relations. This two-year BTh-CMR Program comprises three major components: 1) course study; 2) field education; and 3) a final research project called the BTh-CMR Paper.

The BTh-CMR Program is integrated into Years Three and Four of the BTh Program. Those entering the BTh-CMR degree program are required to have satisfactorily completed either 1) two years of degree- level theological training comparable to Years One and Two of the MYS BTh Program; or 2) a three-year diploma in theology.

The aim of the BTh-CMR Program is to equip church leaders for effective witness among Muslims in Ethiopia and beyond, and for teaching CMR in congregations and Bible schools. It seeks to offer a balance between an in-depth understanding of Islam in its Ethiopian/African contexts, a respectful dialogue between Christian and Muslim communities, and a faithful witness to the whole gospel of Christ.

MYS BTh Program Admission Prerequisites

All candidates enrolling into the BTh Program at Year 1 as full or part-time students shall fulfill the following requirements:

  • The former grade 12 students who took former ESLCE and scored above 1.6 GPA (female) and 1.8 (male) can be admitted to BTh first year.
  • 10+2 years of Preparatory + GPA enabling to enter higher education in accordance with the government’s current education policy of each year. In this case, it must be noted that a given year’s (September – August period of time) government’s university admission policy grade can be realized.
  • 10 + level 3 or 4 with minimum of three COC passing grade. This includes TVT in accordance with the government education policy.
  • 10 + 3 year’s regular diploma in Theology from recognized colleges or seminaries
  • 10 + 2 year’s Bible School certificate (with above 85%) + two years of regular diploma in theology certificate from recognized colleges or seminaries. This case can include candidates who come from other Evangelical churches.
  • CoDE and TEE diploma graduates with minimum of 100 credit hours and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.
  • Passing the entrance Examination

There shall be no upgrading admission system in BTh program.

Mature Admissions

Our accrediting body (ACTEA) permits us to accept a few candidates whose academic qualifications are not exactly as required but who bring experience and maturity to our BTh programs. This number may not exceed 10% of the intake each year. These candidates must take all required entrance exams.

International Applications

Any international person wishing to apply to the BTh or BTh-CMR program at MYS may write to the MYS Registrar to have an application form sent to them. The international applicant should mail the completed application form back to the MYS Registrar with the necessary accompanying documents. Once the completed application form has been received by the Registrar, correspondence can begin between the Dean and the applicant. Arrangements for taking entrance exams in the applicant’s country of residence can be made.

The time required for international applications is longer than domestic applications. The international applicant is encouraged to begin the process early in order to complete the application in a timely fashion before the anticipated start of classes.


Mekane Yesus Seminary’s Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree programs are accredited by Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA) to award both the Bachelor Degree (BTh) and Master of Arts (MA) degree in Theology.

Post Graduate Diploma (PGD)

The Post-Graduate Diploma in Biblical and Theological Studies (PGD) is primarily provided for the students who are willing to pursue graduate study in theology but whose first degree is not in theology with the following purposes.

  • Opening opportunities for the students who are volunteering in taking part in the leadership and ministry of the EECMY and her Congregations in particular, and Evangelical churches in Ethiopia in general, to be informed in the basics of the biblical, theological, historical and practical or pastoral studies, which in turn would help them to render sound leadership and ministerial services.
  • To give scholarship opportunities for competent female students.
  • To use it as a bridge in preparing academically competent students for further studies in theology at MA and PhD level.

Admission Requirements

In order to apply for admission in PGD program students are required to have at least a BA or BSC in any accredited higher education other than theology with a minimum GPA of 2.5.

Do not miss this great opportunity that can foster you with a biblically centered academic program, and the possibility of full/partial scholarship for competent female and regular students. Therefore, we invite those who are interested to join the PGD program at MYS-CoTS with the following alternatives.

The PGD program is mainly intended to be given in two ways, however, there may be the third way.

  • As a one-year (10 months) program where students are enrolled full-time. Full-time students may possibly take “integrated courses” together with part-time students i.e. taking three courses in the mornings and/or the afternoons, for full time students, and three in the evenings for both groups of students. However, this shall be provided either separately or jointly based on the number of students.
  • A two-year program (20 months) where students are required to take at least three courses per semester.
  • Those students who may seek to complete their study in three years are required to take two courses per semester.

Graduate Program (Regular only)

The College has been offering a Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership since 2014/2015.  The Masters of Business Administration Degree (MBA) has been offered since 2019/2020.

Admission Requirements

  • A minimum admission requirement for the Master of Arts Program in Organizational Leadership is a Bachelor degree with a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.00 or equivalent from an accredited higher education institution and a pass on the entrance exam. The entrance exam includes both written and oral tasks. Sufficient oral and written skills of English must be demonstrated on the exam.
  • For those who join from related educational programs, it may be a requirement to take bridging courses stipulated in the curriculum.
  • Foreign students must provide a Letter of Equivalence from Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency (HERQA).

Duration of the Study

Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership is a two-year program in regular program with a total of 36 credit hours. The program consists of:

  • Core courses (including Master’s Thesis), 34 credit hours.
  • One of the two elective courses of 2 credit hours.
  • Additional bridging courses are required from students, who have graduated from related fields of education. 

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